Rain forest in Puerto Rico 2014

2016-09-18 23.14.27

I took this photo back in 2014. It was a very enjoyable experience in the rain forest. I was traveling with expectation to new life and of course some little upsets.

Many things happened since that. I encountered many new friends, new wonders and new food, things that I never imagined before. I also have to say goodbye to some of them with the best wishes. And I try to let them know how wonderful the experience is with them and how thankful I am.

I sometimes feel sad when they left. But God do not always give us what we thought it should be. He give us things even better. Sometime it’s only a short journey. Sometimes it lasts longer.

It may be hard to understand his purpose at that time since we are just human. But I am sure you will be grateful when God think you are ready to understand. Just keep calm and be ready to meet the new adventure he planned next. Let’s keep working on what we are capable and leave what we are not to him.


Just an adventure